Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Road Ready

Visit us for certified vehicle inspections in El Paso, TX

Need to find a reliable inspection station in El Paso, TX to renew your car's registration? Turn to the professionals at Texas Tech Pros. The certified vehicle inspection process we use ensures every part of your vehicle is working correctly, from the engine emissions and brakes to the taillights and tires.

Our vehicle inspection station is conveniently located in central El Paso, so you won't have to travel far to get the registration renewal you need. Stop by 2201 Texas Ave today to get your vehicle's inspection completed, so you are registration ready.

Why choose us to handle your vehicle inspection?

When you need to get your registration renewed, it may be tempting to choose the nearest auto shop chain. But if you want quick service, personalized care and a thorough understanding of your vehicle's needs, we're the better choice. You can count on us for...

  • A clean, professional environment with a comfortable waiting area
  • Honest, transparent service
  • Expert recommendations for car repairs and services
  • Contactless payment options for all major credit cards
  • Can inspect vechicals from out of state for Texas registration

Our team also offers pre-inspection services. If you need to diagnose a problem before a full inspection, we'll help you find the source of any issues and let you know where you can get them fixed.

Do you have questions about our certified vehicle inspections? Contact us today by calling 915-351-9939.

Handling inspections for more than just cars

At Texas Tech Pros, we're here to help drivers of all kinds with their vehicle registration. In addition to car registrations, you can also visit us if you need to renew the registration for your...

  • Commercial van
  • Medium-duty truck
  • Heavy-duty truck
  • Motorcycle

Please note that we are unable to provide inspection services for semis at this time. Visit our vehicle inspection station to renew your vehicle's registration.

Keeping the process quick and simple

We're committed to getting your inspection taken care of quickly. Here's all you have to do to get your inspection done:

  • Arrive at our inspection station
  • Show us a printed or digital copy of your car insurance policy
  • Let our team perform a brake test and pull into the inspection bay
  • Wait for our team to inspect your vehicle
  • Leave with the necessary information to register your vehicle in Texas

Once we've made sure every part of the vehicle is working as intended, we can send you on your way. If something doesn't look right, we'll let you know and help you find the best area locations to get it fixed.

Have questions about our yearly vehicle inspection services? Get in touch with us today by calling 915-351-9939.